Review: Rimmel London Instant Tan with Gradual Glow (Light)

Hello there my beauties,

So recently I thought I’ve give an instant tan a go, to try and get over my gradual tan addiction, however I came across this which in all fairness is a 2-in-1 instant and gradual tan. And I can tell you it’s nothing like a normal gradual tan!

  1. Packaging (e.g. easy to open/close, big/small) – 2.5/5

I thought that the packaging for this product was well within what I’d expect of a self-tan product at 125ml. A size not too big if you are trying it out first time like I did.

I felt that in terms of how easy it was to use it was a bit annoying when applying because you’d have product on your hands and be trying to squeeze even more products onto your hands. What I found is that even though the design is lovely, the packaging can be slippy during the application process.

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2. Price – 4/10

I bought the product for £6.99 from boots, which I think is a decent price for the product. If you don’t use fake tan regularly then this price is such good value, if it wasn’t for the product itself.

3. Application (e.g. easy to rub in, smooth/silky) – 2/5

Now, here is my issue, this is supposedly supposed to be easy to rub in with your hands, and be an instant, even glow. The only bit I agree with is the instant glow, but in terms of the application it is not easy. I found that the product would start off well, smooth but light in pigment.

The product when applying with your hands moves around so much it takes quite a bit of careful rubbing in with the fingers to get the even spread of pigment, otherwise you’re in streak central.

After applying, because the initial product you’re rubbing in is quite dark (yes, even the light shade), my hands came out looking so brown/orange. I had to soak my hands in soapy water straight after application and had to do some serious cleansing of my hand skin to get the colour out to a decent point.

4. Results (e.g. what I found after a day/few days?) – 2.5/5

This is a difficult product to work with because it is an instant AND gradual tanner, so I was unsure as to wash it off straight away.

However within the first day, I got white patches where the tan had rubbed off around my joints within my arms. Also, when I wore clothes (or even shoes) the tan would rub off in those areas where the most friction occurs, which if you’re wearing one outfit throughout the day and then washing the tan off that night it might not be a problem. However, I wore white converse style shoes and I ended up with tan on my shoes from crossing my feet and where the shoe lip rubbed on my ankle – not happy.

Also, do not try to reapply a layer on top of the original instant tan – hint – it doesn’t work. I found that the old tan started to clump like dead skin in the new product – not nice.

5. Eczema Friendly? – 2.5/5

I’d say that in terms of causing any reaction I didn’t have a reaction to the product, however the little breakout of eczema I had behind my shoulders did absorb more of the product which meant that I had brown patches on my shoulders, which normally I try to avoid.

6. Summary of Positives + Negatives

+ Instant Glow


+No Eczema Reaction

-Difficult to apply

-Rubs onto clothing/shoes

-Eczema absorbed more product

7. Overall Star Rating


2.7 out of 5!!!

It’s not a bad product to try if you’re starting off with fake tan – an inbetween for instant and gradual tan. But for me, it doesn’t work with my routine or my skin.


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