Post Holiday Skincare – Peeling Skin & Maintaining Your Tan

Now here’s the thing, we often obsess about going on holiday, trying all we can to get that lovely, natural, even-looking tan that we can be proud of when we get back, and it’s safe to say I am one of those people. But after my holiday, I just forget about it and carry on with my normal skincare routine.

A friend asked me recently, ‘Erica, what do I do about my skin peeling?’, at which point I thought, ‘moisturiser’. But sometimes that isn’t enough and peeling skin is near impossible to avoid when the skin cells are damaged from sun exposure.

However, after your holiday there are some measures you can take to help prevent peeling skin and also maintain your tan!

I researched this and found that there are loads of ways to revitalise and moisturise the skin such as oat/baking soda baths, using mint leaves, aloe vera or even whole milk directly on the skin. But I have some recommendations that you could maybe try and see if this works for you.


After Sun

After sun is specially designed to help damaged skin recover from sun exposure and sometimes moisturiser just won’t cut it. I use Piz Buin After Sun Tan Intensifying Moisturising Lotion, which is more of a glorified after sun because I didn’t really see a difference in the intensity of my tan.

But for those with eczema, when I used it, it had absolutely no effect on my skin whatsoever. For those without eczema it is deeply moisturising for the skin and hydrates the skin very quickly and isn’t sticky for the skin (a bonus for those who struggle with Prickly Heat).

Use it as often and as plentiful as you want, the more regularly you use it the more of an effect it will have.


Use a deeply moisturising moisturiser, and as you all know I use Garnier Body Repair Anti-Dryness Restoring Lotion, which is a great moisturiser in my eyes. The texture allows the skin to remain moisturised for a long period of time and makes the skin feel really smooth.

Although, if the skin is severely sun burnt it may sting, my boyfriend learnt the hard way! You could maybe try alternating between the moisturiser and the after sun: after sun in the morning to deeply hydrate the skin and moisturiser to maintain the hydration during the day, then after sun again at night.

It’s all about your preference!

Shower Cream/Gel

If you could get a shower cream like the Dove Creme Care Shower Creme, or an aloe vera based shower gel, that would be extremely beneficial to you. This is because after a shower the skin can get really dry and even rub off when towel drying. If you use a shower cream/gel that hydrates and moisturises the skin in the shower, your skin will still feel moisturised when you dry off.

An Aloe Vera based shower cream/gel can also restore the vitality of the skin cells, leaving your skin cells refreshed after a shower.

Either way, it’s a luxurious way of maintaining that beautiful tanned skin.

Coconut Oil

Now I’ve not tried this myself but many people, including my coconut crazy mother, have suggested it! Just a raw organic jar of coconut oil can last for months but can also be very cheap. It’s super moisturising and re-vitalising for the skin.

My mum would swear by it and would claim it could cure anything, but the main thing she noticed was that she didn’t get peeling skin during or after her holiday. Also, she very proud of the fact she still has deep tan lines on her bum, bizarre, but a testimony to the wonderful powers of coconut oil.

I’m going to give it a try in September for a week and will let you know how I get on!

Aloe Vera Products

Aloe Vera for many years has been the go to product for a reason, whether it’s after sun or moisturisers, it is a great way to help let the skin recuperate from sun exposure. I’ve found out that it contains two chemicals that provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties, which are pretty important for our skin to survive.

Therefore, for your post-holiday skincare it’s always a good idea to use an aloe vera product to rejuvenate your skin.


Hopefully you’ve found this a step in the right direction for your post-holiday skincare routine! In general, if the skin is moisturised and kept healthy, not only will the skin feel great, but hopefully that tan would have stuck around just that little bit longer!

If you have any tips or recommendations on keeping that holiday glow then comment below!


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