Psoriasis: Scalp Treatment – Steroid Solution/Coconut Oil

Hello my beauties! Today I wanted to talk about something which I haven’t really had the chance to talk about yet, and that is – psoriasis. Now the way I like to explain it, is that is it eczema on your scalp – dry skin that can flake and look like dandruff.

There are a variety of reasons that people break out with psoriasis vary massively – for me it’s an imbalance in the oils in my scalp which can get worse with stress. It’s like eczema so it’s difficult to determine what makes it break out. But there’s my reason!


I would definitely recommend going to the doctors though! Everyone is different and they can help you determine what it is that might be causing this dermatitis. When I went to the doctors and we discussed my flaky scalp they prescribed me a scalp application solution called Betacap. This is basically the hydrocortizone of scalp solutions, medically it is ‘for the treatment of steroid responsive dermatoses of the scalp’.


This serum is so useful when my head is super itchy and the skin is damaged! This solution doesn’t just cure it overnight, you have to apply it the scalp a few days in a row to get the dermatitis to disappear, but it can always come back! It works wonders and really helps with my dermatitis.


If you’re not prepared to go the doctors and you love coconut oil, coconut oil is another way to not only restore the hair quality but also the scalp quality. I’ve not actually tried it but a few people I know have and love it! You apply it to the scalp after an evening shower, and wrapped in a towel overnight and it rehydrates the skin on the scalp as well as nourishing the hair.

There’s loads of guides on how to use coconut oil on the scalp if you just search it in google.

I hope this helps give you an idea of the two directions that you could go in to help prevent psoriasis on your scalp.

If you have any home remedies or solutions of your own then don’t forget to follow and message me!


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