Skincare & Makeup: What Am I Taking To University?!

Hola chicos y chicas! Today I’ve have been packing my skincare and makeup for university and it’s actually been a lot of fun! I’m heading of in 2 days but everything needs to be packed for tomorrow night so I thought I’d tackle the most difficult today!

When it comes to the products I’m taking, this is just the stuff that I know I’ll use and I use regularly, so that I’m not travelling with too much in the car! (There has to be room for clothes as well!) I did spend a lot of time picking my products and I even tried on each of my lipsticks to make sure I wasn’t taking too many of the same colour, just for a bit more space!

Pandora Bag containing all my lipsticks! 

Talking of lipsticks, when going through them, I was choosing lipsticks that were 1) my favourites, 2) a different colour and 3) a different texture (liquid lipstick/lipstick). This helped me narrow it down! Don’t get me wrong I love having so many lipsticks but I don’t see the point in taking lipsticks that I will never wear! So for transportation I’ve just chucked them into a little Pandora bag!

Red Makeup Bag and Purple Makeup Box

In terms of makeup I have put all my stick shape makeup products (eyeliner, mascara.. ect) into my red faux leather makeup bag with my beauty blenders – and this is my travel makeup bag as well. I have then put all my other products, such as powders, eyeshadow palettes and nail varnishes, into a little vanity box, which I think is super cute and just so pretty! This box I actually got from Home Sense where they do loads of similar boxes great for storage!

My Makeup Brushes (Mostly Real Techniques) and some Foundations

Now when it comes to my makeup brushes I have just put them in a pretty pencil pot which I actually got from Amazon. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a special brush holder and looks just as nice!

Now on to Skincare!

When it comes to my skincare it’s the very basics because I’m actually going to do a Bodyshop haul in the next week. So this is stuff that I can rely on if things go south with those new products, which I’m sure they won’t!

Simple Products

I love to use these Simple products, the cleanser and eye makeup remover, and they’ve been in my skincare essentials for literally all my life. I’ve tried so many different ones but I always come back to these. I use cotton pads with this product and they’re just so gentle on the skin I love them! A definite necessity for university!

Soap & Glory Set

I’m also taking with me this Soap & Glory set, which includes the Body Lotion, the Body Scrub and Bath/Shower Gel. I haven’t tried all of these but I have to say I do like the Body Butter Lotion, it just smells so good and I can’t believe that I’ve not tried it before! I’m gunna review the collection in the next few weeks for but until then that’s what I’m taking to university for my shower routine!

Palmers Natural Bronze Butter (Left) + Rimmel’s Instant and Gradual Tan (Right)

You know how much I love gradual tanners, so naturally I’m taking a few with me! I’m taking my Bondi Sands Fake Tan with me, although I’ve failed to take a picture of that product. But pictured, I have the Palmers Natural Bronze Butter and the Rimmel London Instant and Gradual Tanner. I just thought, why not, freshers week demands a tan!

I’m also taking a few more products but they’re not as essential as the ones above.

When packing for university I think the most important thing to think about is, which products are part of your everyday routine, that you absolutely need, like moisturisers, cleansers, exfoliators and whatever else. In terms of things that you don’t necessarily use all the time, think about whether you will ACTUALLY use them! There a products that I don’t necessarily use all the time which I’ve left because if you really need it for whatever reason then you can always go and buy another one whilst you’re at university!

Hope this will help you dwindle down your skincare and beauty for when you go to university, if you have any comments, concerns or queries then comment below! Don’t forget to follow thepalearticle!



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