Product of the Month: February – Farsali Rose Gold Elixir

Hello all, it has been a very long since I’ve posted on here, but I have been extremely busy at university. However, I bring to you today my february favourite which has been storming through the beauty industry. And that product is…

Farsali’s Rose Gold Elixir!!!

This is an absolutely brilliant product! It’s great in every way, and is perfect for all skin types! I’d say that if you want a facial oil that is going to hydrate and infuse the skin with vitamins, then this is the one for you!

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This claims to be infused with 24K Gold and rich in Vitamin A & E, including Omega 3, 6 & 9 as well. These are all fab things to be absorbing into your skin, promoting healing, anti-inflammatory and protection for the skin.

I love using this product on an every day basis, but also more specifically as a makeup primer. After using this before putting my makeup on I have noticed that my makeup goes on better and stays on for longer. When I first put this on I went trampolining and none of my makeup came off! However, for those of you who struggle with a greasy t-zone like me, it’s definitely worth setting your face with translucent loose powder, just because it doesn’t help with preventing grease throughout the day.

The only thing that’s a downside would be the price and the amount you get. Sure, it lasts a long time because you use it by the drop, but $55 for a 30ml bottle can be a bit excessive.

Other than that I have nothing bad to say about this product and would definitely recommend it for those makeup lovers out there!

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