Product of the Month: March – Bodyshop Tea Tree Facial Oil

Hello my lovely readers! I’ll be getting back into posting more regularly as we get past Easter. University has been crazy but today I bring you my Product of the Month for March. I’ve not explored many new products this month but the one that I have tried and enjoy using is….

Bodyshop Tea Tree Facial Oil… 

I will update this post with pictures in the next few days but I thought that sharing the product was more important. But I love using this product! I’ve only been using it for the last few weeks, but I’ve found that when putting it on over night my skin is rejuvenated.

Tea Tree is great for the skin and after a friend recommended it to me I thought I might give it a go. The oil helps to rid the skin of all germs and soothes any redness overnight. Although if too much is used the skin can dry out, causing your skin to become more greasy, possibly even causing more spots and blemishes.

I’d recommend to moisturise the skin first but apply the oil using a cotton bud to make application more accurate. This also helps prevent more germs from your hands reaching your face.

I’d absolutely recommend this to anyone who suffers with blemishes or spots!

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