Skin Tip of the Month: May – Double Cleansing and No Makeup!

I know what you’re thinking and when I say No Makeup I mean it. This month I’ve been focused on taking my skin back to the good old days, the days of good skin and minimal makeup. And I have to say I’ve been loving it, which means that this month my Skin Tip of the Month is….

Double Cleansing and No Makeup!

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Firstly, if what your looking for is better skin and you’re determined this method will definitely help clear it up. The idea is that by using minimal products, you won’t be messing about with you’re skins natural pH balance and end up keeping the pores open and clean.

When wearing no makeup, it doesn’t mean every day no makeup. During this process I was still having to go to work, where I would feel ‘unprofessional’ if I didn’t wear any makeup at all (a very recent controversy), so I would still do my eyebrows, wear mascara and dot a light concealer on areas that are a pigmented, just to even out my skin colour. In saying this, work only occurred at the weekends so for 5 days out of 7 I wasn’t wearing makeup.

By not wearing makeup alone, I wasn’t quite satisfied, I felt that even though I saw a difference in my skin, mainly the spots on my forehead disappeared, there was more that I could do to help my skin clear. I then started to steam my face and after a week I saw so much difference in my skin.  The texture was better and I had less spots forming. That’s why steaming was my April Skin Tip of the Month!

However, if I was to wear makeup, however minimal, I would double cleanse using two different cleansers. Firstly, using cleansing wipes to get rid of the majority of the makeup that was on my face and then using Micellar water and cotton pads to wipe off any excess product, including mascara. This process, before steaming helps to fully clean the skin before steaming and opening up the pores.

After the last month and a bit, I have decided to keep wearing minimal makeup, double cleansing and steaming, as it has helped keep my skin at bay. It may even work for you!

Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

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