Sample Review: Arbonne – Calm For Face

Hello all! I received these Arbonne products from one of their representatives about a month ago along with some other skincare and makeup products but I wanted to review these for you guys first.

Firstly, a little about the Arbonne Brand… it claims to ‘transform lives through pure, botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested products.’ A bold claim to make and I’m not sure how true that is of the products. With this particular range of facial skincare, Calm is said to ‘hydrate, comfort and soothe with the kindest ingredients for your skin’, making it suitable to those with sensitive skin. So that is what the brand claims to do and what the products are supposed to achieve.


This leads me to the first tester, the Gentle Daily Cleanser, which is a clear, gel like formula. To apply to the skin the product was very sticky and tacky, but washes off well enough. However, personally I prefer using waters or wipes and then using a cleansing facial wash because then I feel like all the product on my skin is wash off and the application did put me off using the product. The Cleanser didn’t sting my skin, which means that the balance of the ingredients in these products is good for my skin. This is a gentle product with good ingredients, such as Chamomile, Cucumber and Aloe Vera which are all naturally calming for the skin. If you have sensitive skin and looking for a new cleanser this may be an option for you as the product cost £20 for 148ml bottle.


The next product is the Soothing Facial Serum, which is £41 per 30ml bottle. That I think is a bit of an ask for this serum. For me it was tacky to the touch and not that pleasant to apply. However, like the Cleanser the serum doesn’t sting the skin and does also contain Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Cucumber along with some other soothing ingredients. I probably wouldn’t recommend this product, if not for the price for the thickness and stickiness of the product.


Then we have the Gentle Daily Moisturiser, which is one of the better products in the range, costing £30 per 118ml bottle. This is pricey for a moisturiser, especially if your used to drugstore prices. However, of all the products this is the one I would buy, because it is a light moisturiser containing all the right ingredients for your skin. I find it hard to find moisturisers I like because I want something that is nourishing but also not too heavy and give me spots. This formula is great for those with sensitive skin, as it contains: Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Liquorice, Mallow, Chamomile, Sea Mayweed and Japanese Green Tea. These all soothe and soften the skin, also providing vitamins and antioxidants. I would recommend this moisturiser to those looking for something new and light on the skin, that also won’t irritate any sensitive areas.


Lastly, we have the Soothing Eye Gel, which is sold by at £26 per 15ml. The product itself isn’t too bad but also it’s not the most amazing under eye gel I’ve ever used. The formula is a mixture between a watery formula and a gel. I think if Arbonne had of made it a bit thicker the formula would be perfect for under the eyes. Though, as it is I don’t feel that it revitalised the skin under my eyes and just acted as another moisturiser. Still the formula didn’t sting the skin or cause any irritation. However, this does not justify the £26 per 25ml that you would have to spend on receiving the product.

It should be mentioned that Arbonne also pride themselves on being a gluten free and vegan company so below are the products and whether they fit into either of those categories:

  • Soothing Eye Gel – Gluten Free
  • Soothing Facial Serum – Gluten Free
  • Gentle Daily Moisturiser – Gluten Free and Vegan
  • Gentle Daily Cleanser – Gluten Free and Vegan


So there you have it those are my recommendations and opinions of these products completely based on the samples that I was sent. It might be that after prolonged use the skin would feel soft and less irritated but with limited use in the testers, that’s not something I could clarify. However, the one product I would recommend of the three is the Gentle Daily Moisturiser, which is worth a try for those looking for a good sensitive moisturiser that is also gluten free and vegan.

If you have used these products and have your own opinions then do let me know! If not then do feel free to like and subscribe to thepalearticle on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WordPress!

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