Eczema Diet 

RECENTLY MY MUM AND I have been looking into foods that can affect the skin, both foods that can enrich and those that can induce eczema. I am also a student at University so I’ll be updating you on what I’m eating and what changes I’m seeing in my skin. Maybe these are things that you investigate yourself!

First off I’m going to share with you the things that I’ve found that you should try not eating, when I’ve researched on the internet. This will be a big adjustment so maybe just try taking out some things and having little amounts of the others.

  1. Remove Strong Acid Producing foods, such as Beef, Chicken and Pork.
  2. Your meals should be balanced, 75% alkalising foods and 25% acidifying foods.
  3. Animal flesh has a high concentration of uric acid and is close to caffeine in chemical structure.
  4. High protein diets contain acid producing foods.
  5. Remove all Dairy products (Cheese & Milk) as they contain large protein molecules. As a replacement use goat-based dairy.
  6. Do NOT use soy products as they contain enzyme inhibitors.
  7. Avoid grain that are considered high-glycemic foods – e.i, puffed wheat, cakes, pies, pastries, processed cereals, white rice and white flour pastas.
  8. Avoid Breads containing Yeast as it creates alcohol in your system preventing detoxification.
  9. Remove Hydrogenated oils and margarine from your diet.
  10. Avoid Non-foods such as, salt, alcohol, diet soft drinks, food colourings, artiIficial sweeteners and preservatives.

In my research those are the things that I’ve found to be the biggest and more useful ones. A good website to look at for more information on the science behind each one is

If you try these let me know what it is that works best for you! Always seek medical advice before any drastic changes!